Bot commands

/send – send email message

/sms – send SMS (paid feature, $0,05 – minimal price for SMS)

/register – register personal email

/remove – remove personal email

/list – list of personal emails

/sender – set sender email

/blackadd – add email to blacklist

/blacklist – show emails in your blacklist

/blackremove – remove email from blacklist

/addmybox - add your external mailbox
/listmybox - list of your external mailboxes
/deletemybox - delete external mailbox

/password - set mailbox password to get web access

/stop – remove all you mailboxes and data from our database

/language – change language

/bal – show balance

/pay – add funds (if you want to send SMS)

/subscribe - enable subscription with $1 monthly fee
/unsubscribe - disable subscription